How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

March 3rd, 2020 by

Since we are in the early part of March, this means that Spring is now in the air. Aside from spring cleaning and spring breaks, one event that everyone should remember is getting their vehicle ready for the change in season. While it is important for all car owners and drivers to know a handful of general car care tips, it is especially important to pay attention to these tips for Spring.

#1 – Wash The Car

Everyone should have at least washed their car a few times during the winter, but if you did not, it’s understandable. Washing a car while the ground is freezing isn’t really the best chore to undertake. However, now that the season is changing, it is a must to wash the car to get rid of all grit, grime, dirt, and salt that will damage the car’s finish if they are not removed. Splurge a little and pay extra for a professional detailing shop if you’re still feeling the winter blues.

#2 – Check/ Change Tires If Needed

Next, don’t forget to switch poor looking tires to new ones. Take the time to inspect the state of your current tires by asking yourself things like; “Is there enough air in them?” and “How is the tread wear?” Change the tires if needed, or otherwise get them balanced and rotated to help extend their lifespan.

#3 – Update the Emergency Kit

When discussing car care tips most people forget about the emergency kits for their vehicle. While it is not as dangerous to get stranded in the middle of nowhere during the spring, having an emergency kit with replenished water, snacks, and a patch kit is a must for all drivers.

Don’t forget to check on your vehicle before driving it in the Spring. Getting the car ready before driving will reduce accidents and vehicle trouble on the road.

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